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Google Goes Diving, “Sea View” Added To Google Maps

While Apple iOS6 users are still figuring out which motorway exit to take, Google is pushing even further ahead with a brand-new update to Google Maps, allowing us all to head below the water line and take in some quite breathtaking views of the Great Barrier Reef and other popular underwater spots around Hawaii and the Philippines.

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Apple To Use 'Spy Planes' And Military-Grade Cameras To Build Its In-House 3D 'Maps' App

Instead of relying on Google to power its to-date preloaded map software on iDevices, Apple has been keen to discuss recently its development of a brand new in-house 'Maps' application that will go in direct opposition to Google's long-standing software. But with Google since committing to broadening the gaze of Google Earth from the streets (Street View was first released in 2007) to off-road, inaccessible areas and in providing 3D coverage of major metropolitan areas, Apple must follow suit.

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Lost For 25 Years, Indian Man Finds His Mother Using Google Earth

In 1986, a young Indian boy by the name of Saroo Brierly was working as a sweeper on India's trains. On one fateful night, he'd make a mistake that would go on to determine not only the rest of his childhood, but a substantial portion of his life. It was a sequence of ill-fortuned events that led the then five-year old Saroo over 1,000km from home and his family, to the impoverished slums and crowded streets of Calcutta. It took him 25 years and the help of Google's virtual globe to find his way back home...

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More Google Easter eggs beyond the barrel roll

So we showed you what happens when you search for 'do a barrel roll' on Google.  It's a good start; but what else is there in the field of search engine-related procrastination.

What some may know but most do not is the fact that this is one in a very long stream of quirky features that the absolute nerds up at Mountain view have incorporated.  So, to lift the veil, here's a list of the best:

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