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Google Nexus 10 Confirmed By Leaked Manual

The Google Nexus 10 is coming; this much we can pretty much guarantee, with as many leaks coming from Google HQ and beyond as is becoming annoyingly customary with a modern-day product launch. Going under the name ‘Codename Manta’, we already understand the successor to the immensely-popular Nexus 7 (the best-selling Android tablet) will likely be running Android 4.2 Jellybean and will purportedly boast a truly staggering, Retina-smashing resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels (16:10), but now we might just have the first clues of what it will look like.

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Eric Schmidt says Google Tablet could be here within six months

Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt has revealed the search-giant's intentions to begin marketing “a tablet of the highest quality” within the next six months, a move that sees the “brutal competition between Apple and Google Android” rage as fiercely as it has for quite some time.

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