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Google Reveals 'Project Loon' Experiment To Bring Internet To 'The Entire World' By Balloons

Google has unveiled the latest project to come out of the Google X labs, named "Project Loon."  It involves sending giant balloons up to beam down internet access to remote areas of the planet.  They will provide a more cost effective solution for wireless coverage in regions, that would otherwise be difficult due to location.

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EyePhone: Apple Is Latest To File 'Wearable Computer' Patent

The filing of a patent is far from a sure-fire marker to signal what it is a company is developing behind closed doors. Literally, hundreds of thousands of patents are filed every single year, and the very largest technology companies are responsible for a good grand of them just by themselves. Still, some patents just simply can not be ignored, such is the one granted to Apple Inc. today, entitled “Peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays.”

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Google X meets Taiwanese animation [VIDEO]

Courtesy of, Google's secret laboratory, known as "Google X" received the animated treatment for all to see.

As has been the standard of these Taiwanese news animators a general grasp of original New York Times story is maintained, while delving into specific details a little too (whimsically) much, using robots, aliens, and a space elevator.

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