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UK Government Just Admitted To Illegally Spying On Citizens for 17 Years, But Won't Stop

After a legal battle that spanned more than a year, the UK government's surveillance agency - GCHQ - admitted to illegally spying for the past 17 years and apologised for their actions. But then, thanks to some tiny changes in GCHQ policy, it turns out they can carry on without being punished.

Isn't that some bull shit...

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Parliament's Porn Habit Laid Bare. 300,000 Attempts To Access 'Adult' Websites From Work Computers

The Houses of Parliament maybe debating a crackdown on online pornography; but that doesn't stop the 'adult' urges whilst hard at work.  Official records obtained by the Huffington Post suggest that more than 300,000 attempts were made to access porn websites from their work computers in the past year.

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Britain Is Easy To Hack. Government Warns We're Losing The War On E-Crime

The UK is one of the world's top targets for e-crime, and more must be done to not lose the fight against online criminal activity, MPs have warned.  With our severe lack of security and defence in this area, The Home Affairs Select Committee have identified a ‘black hole’ where e-crime is committed without arrest.

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British Hacker Creates Firewall To Block Everything On The Internet But Porn

Following David Cameron's announcement of an porn filter for the UK, it has been met with a significant backlash.  UK-based Sicksad has heard these calls from Government by building 'The Great Firewall of Porn,' which does exactly the opposite and blocks all non-pornographic content on the internet.

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UK Government Report Urges ISPs To Take Down Terrorist Content

A Government report on the roots of religious radicalization and terrorism has sent out a message to ISPs to curate and regulate potentially illegal content that incites terrorism, concluding that the internet "features in most, if not all, of the routes of radicalization."

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Government releases 'The UK Cyber Security Strategy.'

The UK government released its 2011 Cyber Security plans to protect and promote the UK in a digital world.

The new strategy reports to increase its focus on cybercrime, and place a spotlight on maintaining the economic and social prosperity found in the cyberspace.  It's clear to see that Whitehall is definitely moving in a positive direction in terms of getting to grasps with these ever-growing complexities of our global produce.  From the sights of it, it's not going to be easy; but it's a long-term set of tasks and incentives that will benefit both private and public sectors.

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The Stingray: the mobile phone tracker the Government is keeping under wraps

A criminal court case in Arizona has revealed the U.S. Government's ability to track mobile phones using a portable device called the Stingray.  But the lengths that have been striven to in this case to conceal the technology have been publicly disparate compared to your average Government cover-up.

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#Politics. UK Government turns to Social media to cut costs

David Cameron may well be joining in on the big discussion (hope he doesn't slip up and tweet #itsokaytocheatif), with a new government strategy for jumping into social media "to facilitate a two-way dialogue with citizens." 

The plans come as part of yet another huge cost cutting proposal, to skim a cool £1bn off the budget as the Government implements a their new IT strategy.


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