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Facebook Announces App Center. Facebook Phone Finally On The Way?

Facebook has just announced App Center, a replacement for the old Apps and Games hub users used to find Facebook apps. Mobile Facebook users will now be able to directly download Facebook apps from Facebook for the very first time. HTML5 web apps, which don’t require a traditional installation, will be available from App Center itself.

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Better With Use: A Defence Of The HTC One S

So a few of the early adopters to HTC's new One S have made complaints about the supposedly strong back casing being susceptible to damage.  The micro-arc oxidization process may give it a toughness similar to ceramic and a strength beyond the need for a phone case; but with any form of ceramic comes a brittleness to the construction.  This has left the device exposed to chipping, leaving silver marks upon the section impacted upon.

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iPhone 4 Vs HTC Desire HD. Which Makes A Better Skipping Stone?

So we look at smartphone comparisons on Youtube, and they cover the usual suspects of specifications: camera, speed, build quality, etc.  The last thing we (and probably you) expected to see was a test of just how well these handsets skip across a lake.

That's exactly what this Chinese fellow did on Youtube.

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