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CES 2019 Preview - 5 Key Trends Defining The Future Of Consumer Technology

Another year, another CES defining the future of technology. What does the future human have to look forward to in 2019? Here are five key trends to look for at CES 2019.

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Kito+ Review - The Pocket Sized Health Monitor For Your iPhone

Health is a thoroughly explored area for the gadget industry. Nowadays it seems like everything has a heart monitor bolted onto it. Azoi has entered the fray with something different - the Kito+ - an iPhone case with the ability to measure heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen, respiration rate and skin temperature.

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Mobile Phones Don't Give You Brain Cancer

You've probably heard the line "get off your phone, it'll give you brain damage" from your angry mum at one point or another. Well now, you have all the scientific ammo you need to laugh wildly in her face as you do a little dance and foam at the mouth. 30 years of study has finally shown that there is no link at all between mobile phone use and brain cancer.

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