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Stony Brook Unveils Real-World Holodeck, The 'Reality Deck'

So we’re some years off reporting on the invention of warp drive, or the development of a working medical tricorder, but our Star Trek future is getting ever closer - this might just be the closest we’ve ever come to seeing the holodeck. Named the ‘Reality Deck’ and built over four walls at Stony Brook University (SBU) in New York, it’s made up of 416 Samsung LCD high-resolution displays (each of 2560 x 1440 pixels), which brings in a total resolution of over 1.5 billion pixels.

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‘Project Holodeck’ Hoping To Bring Full 3D Virtual Reality To Gaming


Labelled ‘Project Holodeck’ after the virtual reality system at the cutting-edge heart of the Star Trek films, a team from the University of Southern California are working on a system that will bring full 360-degree, full-body VR to gaming.

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