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Interview With Ben Franklin: The Creator Of Bloody Cuts Horror

Indie Horror has exploded.

A multi-million pound budget and excessive marketing is no longer a primary catalyst of popularity.  More and more, be it in film, books or video games, we have seen a huge influx of new horror experiences, created by people purely for the love of this captivating genre.

It’s what we love at New Rising Media, and Bloody Cuts is a perfect personification of this paradigm shift in horror.  I talked to Ben Franklin, Creator, Producer and Editor of this series about how he got started, the technology used to produce these amazing short films, and what is needed to replicate his (and the entire team’s) success.

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#NRMPresents 'Among The Sleep.' Horror Through The Eyes Of A Child

Among the Sleep is an upcoming game that puts you in the role of a two-year-old child.  Recently launched on Kickstarter, it uses the amazing surreal nature of childhood imagination and dreams, alongside the helplessness of being at such an age to create an interesting premise for a horror adventure.

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Love And Hate Of Paranormal Activity

It has both gained a huge approving audience, and yet an insurmountable history of hatred all at the same time.  Paranormal Activity has been quite the talking point for its frightful minimalism of horror and Blair Witch style cinematography; but these have been the very reasons why you either love or hate the film.  

Turns out we at New Rising Media can never come to an agreement on any debate, so we've taken two polarising opinions from two divided editors.  Hopefully they'll forgive each other soon; but we're not banking on it.

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