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The IT Crowd Is Returning For One Final Episode

Beloved British nerd comedy The IT Crowd is returning for a 40 minute grand finale. Moss, Roy, Jen, and Douglas will reprise their roles in this one-off episode.

The episode, which has been writer/director Graham Linehan's primary talking point since his tweet in 2012, is due to start filming in a few weeks time; but there is no information as to when we can expect it on air.

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IT’s Not Just For The Boys – A Conference For Female Undergrads Studying Computing

'IT's not just for the boys' at Bloomberg HQ in central London. Sat with a group of 80, gathering personal insight into the IT sectors of larger companies.  It seems ironic that the first piece of advice that I would receive for working in this area is to not spend all your time behind a computer screen; but, then again, it seems like one of the most valuable tips.

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