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[Infographic] The Internet, A Decade Later

The Internet has come a heck of a long way in the short 10 years since 2002. Ultra-fast broadband has taken the place of the blips and bleeps of 56Kb dial-up systems; flashy ads, high-resolution pictures and interactive banners have replaced basic HTML coding; while the introduction of ‘Web 2.0’ has changed the way in which we interact with the World Wide Web forever.

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Xbox 360 Set To Welcome Kinect-Supported Internet Explorer 9


According to The Verge, citing its own “sources”, Microsoft is busy testing a modified version of Internet Explorer 9 to bring to the console, one that will open up the Bing voice search functionality currently on the dashboard – and also limited to media content only - into a full-fledged internet browser.

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Internet Explorer 6 is dying. Microsoft makes cake and merchandise to celebrate

After a decade, usage of decade-old IE6 in the US has dropped below 1%.  This is now what Microsoft wants: they really does want it to die, making cakes, t-shirts and mugs to celebrate it's final steps towards the grave.

The Redmond-based company made a website in March 2011 to countdown the last few percent of usage, called (rather appropriately) IE6 Countdown.  Since then, usage has dropped to 7.7%, down 12% since the launch of the countdown.

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