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HyperStealth Introduces New Technology To Make You Invisible

‘The Invisible Military Becomes Reality’ is the boast coming from Canadian camouflage design company HyperStealth Biotechnology Company, introducing a new material named ‘Quantum Stealth’ that can render a target completely invisible by bending light waves around the wearer.

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'See-Through' Cars Might One Day Change The Way We Drive Forever


Being human, we find it difficult to accept defeat. We all like to think we're good drivers, a Lewis Hamilton incarnate of the school run if you will. But even so, admitting reversing is often times painfully difficult is easy, where you can never be entirely 100% sure that something or someone isn't just inches away from your rear bumper. Which is why researchers at Keio University in Tokyo are hard at work in developing a technology that could turn the rear of your car transparent for such occasions.

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