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You Can Build A Functioning Iron Man Gauntlet and Captain America Shield

A pair of tech geeks, Allen Pan and Grant Imahara have created two of Marvel's iconic superhero gadgets. Captain America's shield (with working boomerang-ness) and Iron Man's gauntlet (with working balloon-melting lasers). And the best part is? You can build them too. Well, in theory.

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Captain America: Civil War - 5 Things The Film Could Mean

Cause and effect in Marvel films is actually fascinating to look back on. We've reached the point at which most fans look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe like one single, sprawling, ongoing project. But going back and looking at individual movies, we see some pretty significant consequences of specific moments or outcomes in past movies.

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Teenager Builds Incredible Iron Man Suit For $500

17 year old Archie Whitehead has just finished his first big project: a homemade Iron Man suit. And it looks super cool.

Archie, a student from the London area, based his design on 3D plans he found on the internet and a ton of reference images.  Everything other than the helmet is made from foam and was put together in just four months, but to look at it you certainly couldn't tell.

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