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What happens if you give a GoPro to a Jedi? Magic happens.

As a reader of this website, chances are you've dreamed of being a Jedi at some point in your life. The over-the-top lightsaber battles, repelling stormtrooper blaster fire, using the force to take out your foes. It's all one amazing pipe dream, but YouTuber Bill Parker has created this great creative video of a Jedi strapping a GoPro to himself and fighting the Empire in the desert.

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Do You Want To Be A Jedi? This Armband Could Replace Your Mouse With The Power Of The Force

We've seen plenty of hands-free gadgets that are aiming to kill the mouse when it comes to computer control. Myo, an armband from startup Thalmic Labs is the latest in this long line of motion controllers, but what it does makes all the difference.

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