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NASA's Juno Spacecraft Breaks Record As Humanity's Most Distant Solar-Powered Explorer

NASA launched the Juno mission to Jupiter in 2011, and now it has broken the record to become humanity's most distant solar-powered spacecraft. At 7 pm on Wednesday 13th January, Juno's distance from the sun was confirmed at 493 million miles, which is over four times that of Earth (92.96 million miles for reference).

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Here's What Jupiter Would Look Like If It Was The Same Distance From Us As Our Moon

Space is massive, we get it. In fact, to us as humans, trying to get even the faintest inclination of the scope and size of our own solar system, let alone the universe or the milky way, is a task inconceivably difficult. To make sense of it all, there's a treasure trove of information, diagrams and visualisations out there that give us a remote idea of how enormous space and its respective planets truly are. But even so, few can match this picturesque effort by Redditor jb2386.

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