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Ofcom Approves Everything Everywhere's Bid To Launch 4G In The UK Within Weeks

Just a day after Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt promised the UK will have the fastest broadband of any major European country by 2015, telecoms regulator Ofcom has now granted approval to Everything Everywhere – owners of Orange and T-Mobile – that will allow the company to launch 4G ahead of schedule.

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The New iPad, 'New iPad', Finally Unveiled By Apple

The tech world sits, watches, waits as Tim Cook walks on stage of what is his second major keynote as the new head of Apple to unveil the long-rumoured third incarnation of the world's most popular tablet. The iPad 3 has been heavily rumoured arguably ever since the iPad 2 finally made its way out to the world, such is the tenacity of Apple fanboys (we've fuelled the fire from time to time, it has to be said), but this evening the curtains have finally been lifted and we can welcome the device with welcome arms, fingers, voice.

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O2 conducting tests of London's first 4G LTE network

O2 has commenced testing of their 4G LTE network in Central London for a course of 9 months, providing speeds to hundreds of test subjects of 50mbps realistically (150mbps theoretically).

Both consumers and business users alike will be involved in the testing of O2's recently installed Long Term Evolution (LTE) network across parts of the City, providing download capabilities many times faster than those over 3G.

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