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Interview With Nathan Sawaya - The Artist Behind The Art Of The Brick: DC Super Heroes

I love Lego and DC super heroes made my childhood. Naturally, my interest was peaked by 'The Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes' art exhibit in London. Here's what I thought of it, along with an exclusive interview with the mind behind this amazing work - Lego artist Nathan Sawaya.

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Rolls Royce Recreate Boeing Engine Out Of 152,455 Lego Bricks

There’s very little that surprises us these days about Lego, such is the extraordinary amount of quite-breathtaking builds we’ve witnessed through the years. But even so, this effort by Rolls Royce to reproduce the Trent-1000 engine is staggering, showing off in glorious detail the inner-workings of the engine and the immense feat in engineering it requires to build such a piece of machinery.

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Lego Train set used to build data network

We're going to pick up the pieces, and build a Lego IP data-transfer network out of a train set, courtesy of

Possibly one of the slowest speed rates out there; but also the most charming.  Hacker Maximillien has devised a system that utilises a USB flash drive, to carry data around to different nodes (we'll call them stations) on the rail.  The four nodes consist of aluminium foil contacts, which establish the connection from the attached computer to the USB storage on-board the train.  After the data is sent across, the drive is unmounted and the power flow is transferred to the train to propel it forwards to it's next requested destination.

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