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Researchers Have Found The Most Earth-like Planet Ever. And it's Right Next Door

In the long list of Earth-like planets we’ve discovered, we’ve found one that’s really, really, Earth-like. “Proxima B” as it is currently known orbits Proxima Centauri, the 2nd closest star to us (first closest being the sun). It has the conditions needed to support life, and it’s close enough that we could go there one day.

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A New Insight Into A Harvard Scientists' Bid For Immortality

Self-described “outlandishly futuristic thinker” and post-doctoral scientist at Harvard Ken Hayworth believes that he can live forever. Described in the article ‘The Strange Neuroscience of Immortality’ by Evan R. Goldstein, Hayworth theorises that the day will come where his ‘consciousness’ will be “revived on computer” after death, and predicts that by 2110 mind uploading – the transfer of a biological brain to a silicon-based operating system – will “be as common as laser eye surgery is today”.

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