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10 Dead PlayStation Game Franchises That Sony Should Totally Revive (But Probably Won’t)

Sony’s doing a cracking job bringing old PlayStation franchises back from the dead (see God of War), so here are ten I’d love to see them pull off.

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My Top 7 PlayStation 2 Survival Horror Games - #Blogvengers Rebuttal

Survival horror thrived on the PlayStation 2, thanks to a library of games bursting at the seems with creativity and originality. Picking just seven is going to be tricky, but after seeing 16 Bit Dad’s personal list, it's only fair that I give it a go.

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Captain America: Civil War - 5 Things The Film Could Mean

Cause and effect in Marvel films is actually fascinating to look back on. We've reached the point at which most fans look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe like one single, sprawling, ongoing project. But going back and looking at individual movies, we see some pretty significant consequences of specific moments or outcomes in past movies.

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