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There's no better way to get over being unfriended on Facebook than with William Shatner

The title says it all really.  Recently, on US show Jimmy Kimmel live they commenced a National Unfriend day: asking viewers to go through their Facebook friends and remove anybody who didn't fit the quote of actually being a friend.

But what about those on the receiving end of an unfriending?  How are you going to cope in such times of online rejection?  Kimmel has the answer...the perfect answer.  Bring in Captain James T Kirk William Shatner to take you through the steps of unfriending grief.  The smooth voice of Shatner talks you through the process of denial, anger, depression and acceptance that maybe you were never friends in the first place and maybe, just maybe, you can beat the next false friend to the punch.  Have a watch.

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Google introduces business pages for Google+

After much speculation and request from business to capitalise on Google+ features, pages have now been implemented into the social network.

Announced via their blog, and still in a closed alpha state, the functionality seems to be very much in the same vein as Facebook; but with some slight tweaks in the form of introducing Hangouts to communicate with your audience, grouping particular subsections of your base into circles, and an interesting form of analytical data called 'Ripples,' allowing you to see how your posts spread across Google+.

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Alan Wake Sequel Confirmed For XBLA

Though long-rumoured and leaked in part in May, Remedy Entertainment today confirmed that an Alan Wake sequel is in the works. Titled Alan Wake’s Night Springs, somewhat surprisingly for such a high-profile IP, the follow-up to the Twin Peaks-inspired psychological thriller (that grew to be really boring after the first two levels) will not see the light of day at retail.

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