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Is WoW's Crown About To Slip? The Elder Scrolls Online Is Confirmed

Having to be one of the snuggest fits between license and game genre, an Elder Scrolls MMO has been heavily rumoured for years now. But with two of the most ambitious and gloriously epic role-playing games of this generation having satiated our appetite for the license somewhat in the time since, it’s all but been left by the wayside. Until now that is, as Bethesda has eeked out the first tantalising details of what promises to be the MMO to end all other.

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Family Guy Online Receives Its Debut Trailer

20th Century Fox and Roadhouse Interactive have finally unveiled the first debut trailer for Family Guy Online; the browser-based, free-to-play MMO based on the popular TV show. The trailer, introduced by an ever-nonchalant Peter Griffin, comes in at a brief 54 seconds and reveals some of what we have in store; right from its distinctive, cel-shaded art style, to the loveable characters we’ll come to meet along the way (as well as avoid – even if it does come with free popsicles and back rubs!), via some crude, ill-judged humour for which the show has come to be reknowned.

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Blizzard Auctions Off World of Warcraft Servers For Charity


In late 2010, Blizzard Entertainment recorded that it had over 12 million subscribers actively paying for fantasy MMO World of Warcraft. As of the end of September last year, the company reported its subscriber base had slumped to just over 10 million – though, we assure you, that is still a gargantuan number for online gaming.

The drop in players alerted the company that it would have to change tact going forward if it was to compete against free-to-play games of the same ilk; amending its seemingly age-old payment model to free-to-play (at least until level 20 in-game), while performance upgrades and expansions keep the game feeling fresh for existing players. The latter has resulted in Blizzard upgrading the game’s server hardware in order to improve the “gameplay experience” across the board, leaving the company’s much-cherished, ever-dependable older servers out in the cold. Or so you would have thought…

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EA ‘probably’ invested $500m in The Old Republic says analyst. Star Trek Online now Free-to-play

An incredibly ambitious MMORPG based off the most lucrative of science-fiction IPs was never, ever going to come cheap. But few, surely, would have imagined the possibility of Star Wars: The Old Republic costing up to half a billion dollars(!), such is the total investment made by EA, a Cowen & Co. analyst Doug Creutz proposes. 

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Most 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' users choose to be a Sith over Jedi

The recently released 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' has become "fastest-growing subscription MMO in history," gathering over one million users to date, including those who were granted early access a week ahead of time.

EA and Bioware released a press release detailing particular in-game statistics.

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