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Refused - Manchester Academy 14/08/12 Review

When the doors to the venue open at seven, the eighteen year olds who have been at the front of the queue for a couple of hours get told off by security for sprinting towards the barrier and a guy who looks like Jesus hands me a leaflet for upcoming events around Manchester. I sit down and read through since the band listed as 'the Refused' won't be on until 9:15, but the only thing that stands out to me is that Manchester's Institute for the Deaf puts on gigs. We Are The Ocean and Madina Lake are playing there soon, which makes sense. 

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Sony Unveils PlayStation Vita's UK Tour

Sony is set to bring playable PlayStation Vita demo units to UK cities ahead of the handheld's launch on February 22, the company has reported. Like Nintendo's 'Believe Your Eyes' 3DS tour before it, Sony is bringing 'Vita Rooms' to Glasgow, Birmingham and London throughout January and February 2012 – kicking off at 63 Deansgate in Manchester from Friday 13th to Wednesday 18th January.  

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Appeals by Facebook rioters rejected. Sentenced to 4 years

Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan had their appeals to the court rejected, as they were sentenced to 4 years at her Majesty's pleasure, for the incitement of rioting via Facebook.  Lawyers claimed for this to be "Manifestly excessive," whereas the Lord Judge saw it differently

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