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The Empire Reminds You Celebrating "May The 4th Be With You" Is A Crime

So "May the Fourth" is around the corner, and a huge celebration of all things Star Wars is imminent.  However, in a recently launched attack ad, the Galactic Empire gives the world a friendly reminder that any celebration in support of the Rebellion, Jedi, or any traitors to the Dark Side is a crime.


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Has GTA V's Release Date Been Outed by NME?

First, there was the official announcement trailer and a 'For Sale' sign alluding to a possible 24 May 2012 release date. Now, music magazine NME has stoked the fire for a possible May 2012 release launch with its own '20 Reasons To Be Excited For 2012' feature on its website.

Rockstar Games and GTA V take up the eighth spot, in which NME highlights how it expects “half the country to retreat indoors and draw the curtains in May when Grand Theft Auto 5 hits the shops”.

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