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The Round-up: Half-life 3, exploding iPhone 4 and condoms

So this week's been pretty mighty in terms of the sheer amount of news we've had to write about, so allow us to condense it all into a handy set of links which will help navigate around the week's digest.  There was McGruff the Crime Dog, Carrier IQ (mobile phone tracking), a little printer, an iPhone 4 mysteriously blowing up, Facebook receiving all kinds of privacy-related hell, and a urinal gaming system...honestly.  Let's begin.

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IP crimes=child labour and murder. McGruff the Crime Dog said so

The Department of Justice and McGruff the Crime Dog have released their latest media campaign yesterday, targeting the wide world of piracy.

The campaign ties the aforementioned piracy and counterfeiting to to rather unwanted outcomes such as drug trafficking, gang violence, child labour, and the usual suspects of the industry.

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