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Kim Dotcom's 'Mega' To Launch On The Anniversary Of Raid?

If copyright laws were a protagonist, then MegaUpload would be the baddie that just won’t die. Though the original site has long since been taken down – the much-publicised court case has followed, with its owner still fighting extradition to the US – plans which will see founder Kim Dotcom launch what he himself calls “the ultimate file hosting solution” in follow-up 'Mega' seem, finally, to be coming to fruition.

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MegaUpload Founder arrested. Anonymous takedown Justice Department and record label website in response

So Megaupload has been in and about the news, since the odd promotional music video, starring artists who said they have nothing to do with the video (making for a paradox of sorts).  Things got more serious for the company and it's founder, Kim Dotcom, after the United States Justice Department filed charges against the site and had the man at Dotcom arrested.

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Megaupload promotional music video gets pulled

It's kind of surreal to see the likes of Kanye West, Mary J. Blidge, Will.I.Am and Kim Kardashian performing in a promotional music video for file sharing site Megaupload; but that's exactly what's happened, which was faced with an immediate removal by Universal Music Group.

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