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HyperStealth Introduces New Technology To Make You Invisible

‘The Invisible Military Becomes Reality’ is the boast coming from Canadian camouflage design company HyperStealth Biotechnology Company, introducing a new material named ‘Quantum Stealth’ that can render a target completely invisible by bending light waves around the wearer.

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Ban ‘Killer Robots’ Before It’s Too Late, Says Human Rights Watch

With a 50-page report outlining “concerns about fully autonomous weapons, which would inherently lack human qualities that provide legal and non-legal checks on the killing of civilians”, Human Rights Watch has called for governments of the world to pre-emptively ban what they are calling ‘killer robots’, fully autonomous killing machines.

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DARPA Threat Detection System Uses Brainwaves To Spot Enemies

Ever had that subconscious feeling trouble is behind you?  Turns out The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have managed to harness this undetected human brainwaves with the Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (CT2WS): a threat detection system with enhanced monitoring. 

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US Military And NASA Test 4,500Mph Hypersonic Aircraft

A hypersonic jet known as the ‘X-15A WaveRider’ and co-funded by the US military and NASA will today undergo its latest test; dropping from around 50,000ft before rocketing to speeds of more than 4,000Mph, climbing to 70,000ft, before falling into the Pacific Ocean to break up.

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US Military planning to crowdsource military software testing via computer games

The US Department of Defense are looking to crowdsource their military software testing by developing computer games surrounding it, according to a DARPA proposal.

The implementation is going to be a steep initial cost, $32 million dollars specifically; but on the long haul, the plan (officially titled Crowd Sourced Formal Verification) is for it to dramatically reduce the cost of the software verification process.

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Ministry Of Defence uses video game tech to increase combat simulation realism

Video game-esque combat simulations are nothing new in military training; but the MoD's war games have been turned down by recent trainees due to them not being realistic enough.

Turns out that compared to the visual quality of your standard war FPS games like Call of Duty have one-upped what was being used to train the fresh recruitsat the Ministry of Defence.  With this in mind, significant upgrades have been made to its simulations, in order to bring them up to par with the aforementioned console titles.

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DARPA invests $13.4 million in thermal cameras for smartphones

As the US military request thermal vision for every soldier, they needed a better option than the current thermal, extremely low resolution yet rather pricey pocket thermal cameras they have currently.  The new idea to get there is by giving Raytheon $13.4 million to miniaturize the IR imagers to the point that it fits in the likes of PDAs and smartphones.

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