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Researchers Create Brain-To-Brain interface. Control Animals With Thought

Harvard University researchers have created the world's first non-invasive brain-to-brain interface between a human and a rat.  Simply put, you can control the rat with thoughts, making for a both fascinating-yet-terrifying discovery (hello Nineteen-Eighty Four).  This is a critical step towards technology allowing for telepathic links between human beings.


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Harvard Scientists Allow Humans To Control Rats With Their Minds

In the latest against science's long-standing grudge against rats, the boffins at Harvard Medical School have experimented with a system that allows the human mind to trigger actions in a rat's motor cortex, making the antics of the legendary Pied Piper of Hamelin one step closer to possible.

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Brain-Controlled Helicopter Takes Flight On Kickstarter


The Puzzlebox Orbit, a flying helicopter orb guided by brainwaves, has successfully exceeded its target funding on Kickstarter.  

Brainwave data is transmitted via a NeuroSky MindWave Mobile EEG headset to software running on either the pyramid-shaped base (called the Puzzlebox Pyramid) for the helicopter, or a tablet/smartphone.  Through this, your thoughts are turned into flight commands and your spherical helicopter takes to the skies.

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World's First Mind-Controlled Robotic Legs Demonstrated

A pair of robotic legs controlled solely by the user's mind have been successfully demonstrated by Researchers at the Long Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Centre and the University of California.  This brings new potential to the future of prosthetic limbs for paraplegic people.

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Chaotic Moon's Mind-Controlled Skateboard

Just over a month on from their modestly titled 'Board of Awesomeness,' Chaotic Moon have emerged from the workshop with an improved model, swapping out the Kinect sensor bar in favour for an Emotive EPOC headset, and renaming it to the also modest 'Board of Imagination.'

Simply put, it's an electronic skateboard you control with your mind.

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