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Phones 4U 'JUMP'. Swap Your Contract Phone Every Six Months

We get it, and we're sure you do too if you're reading this. Two years is sometimes too long with one phone.  Maybe your phone is outdated far too soon, or maybe you just want to try all of the options in the smartphone market.  This is why independent phone retailer Phones 4U has begun its all new plan, simply called JUMP (Just Upgrade My Phone).

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T-Mobile Twitter Campaign Shows That #BritainLoves Hating The British

So T-Mobile have launched a Twitter promotional campaign, surrounding the hashtag #BritainLoves, to promote it's new 'Full Monty Plan' contract option.  However, very much like RIM's attempt at cracking the metaphorical nut that is Twitter marketing with #BeBold, and McDonalds' #McDstories, the situation may have gone everso slightly ary.

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