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Skyrim Running 100 Mods At One Time Looks Phenomenal

Bethesda’s Skyrim, released just last year, is far from a bad-looking game any which way you look at it, but even so the standard version of the game can not come anywhere close to the kind of visual fidelity arising from installing some of the more graphically-intense mods around. Taking it one step further, a gamer going by the name of ‘Unreal’ has posted some of the most absurdly-detailed, gloriously picturesque screenshots we’ve ever seen of the game, the result of hand-picking over 100 different mods from a list of over 800 he has installed on his PC rig.

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Hackaday Builds Portal Gun That Actually Levitates A Companion Cube

Okay, so this isn't quite an accurate replica of Valve's esteemed gravity gun, or a meaningful bid towards reaching a real-life equivalent to it, but even so it serves well as a hardware love letter of sorts to the company – an amalgamation of inventions from Portal and the seminal Half-Life, all in one pretty neat package.

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Skyrim Gets A Hint Of Portal With 'Fall of the Space Core' Mod

To celebrate the release of Bethesda's new Skyrim Creation Kit, Valve have created a small mod which drops the Space Core from Portal 2 into the fantasy world of Dragon slaying and the taking of arrows to one's knee.  It goes without saying, we love both Portal 2 and Skyrim; but at no point have we ever comprehended the Earth-shaking combination of the two.

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Ministry Of Defence uses video game tech to increase combat simulation realism

Video game-esque combat simulations are nothing new in military training; but the MoD's war games have been turned down by recent trainees due to them not being realistic enough.

Turns out that compared to the visual quality of your standard war FPS games like Call of Duty have one-upped what was being used to train the fresh recruitsat the Ministry of Defence.  With this in mind, significant upgrades have been made to its simulations, in order to bring them up to par with the aforementioned console titles.

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