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Google Seeking To Test Its ‘Next-Generation Personal Communications Device’

The ascendancy of Google has meant the company no longer sticks religiously to its search engine roots. The California-based tech giant has recently been growing an appetite, it seems, to pledge much more of a focus in hardware after having been solely dedicated to software since being founded in 1998. The company is now reported to have filed for permission with the FCC for Special Temporary Authority (STA), a move that would allow its own employees to test a “next-generation personal communications device” in cities across the US; including Mountain View, Los Angeles, New York and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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MotoACTV wristwatch rooted, made into a tablet for The Borrowers

The sport of routing closed Android devices has been somewhat routine and uninteresting to behold.  But when you see Honeycomb on the 1.6" display of a wristwatch, you can't help but reclaim the curiosity that fuelled this obsession in the first place.

Motorola's MotoACTV sports watch normally operates on a highly customised version of Android 2.3, with an iPod Nano-esque user interface; but it's gone under the knife and been opened up via Revolutionary's zergRush exploit.

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Motorola Droid RAZR variants appear in Chinese market...with a 13mp camera!?

So as the Droid RAZR meets lukewarm consumer reception over fascination of the thinness and rigidity of design, carrier variants have appeared in Chinese markets today, making the technologies held within UK and US models already outdated.

Of course, these upgrades come at the sacrifice of the 7.1mm depth of the phone; but please.  Extra points of a millimetre for a 13mp camera and a full 720p 4.5" screen?

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