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Cambridge University Centre To Study "Extinction-Level" Threat To Humans From Technology

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have formed a new centre to explore the threat advances in technology may pose on the human species.  The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER), they will investigate developments in biotechnology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, figuring out how these areas could become a threat to humanity.

The first line of defence against Skynet is now in place.

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You Could Soon Charge Your Gadgets Through Touch Alone With ‘Power Felt’

Imagine being able to charge your energy-sapping smartphone simply by holding it in your palm. Sound implausible? Not according to a team of researchers at Wake Forest University’s Centre for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials. Led by Professor David Carroll, they’ve developed a new material, named ‘Power Felt’, that can convert wasted body heat into an electrical current.

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