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Worthy Companions: Amazon Reveals Kindle Fire HD And Paperwhite Kindle

As Jeff Bezos stepped out on stage at Amazon's press conference in Santa Monica last night, two things were apparently certain. One, Amazon would finally see it fit to unveil the Android-based smartphone it had be cooking up. And second, the successor to mid-level tablet the Kindle Fire would finally be on its way.

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Google Nexus 7 Review

Let's be honest, Android tablets have been a sort of sketchy affair.  A mish-mash of hardware form factors and disappointing user experiences.  But that is about to change.  

"7-inch tablets are going to be dead on arrival," the late Steve Jobs proclaimed in October 2010.  Google, myself and probably lots of others would beg to differ with the Nexus 7.

The next in the line of products that present the metaphorical middle finger to OEMs and their depreciation of the stock Android experience through needless clutter and skinning, the Nexus 7 redefines your pre-conceptions of what makes a budget tablet.  This software and hardware love affair between Google and Asus has produced something with the real potential to kickstart the campaign for Android tablets as a whole.

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