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Pokémon Gone - Niantic's Explosive App Predated By Over 2 Years

As you may or may not have heard, some app company called Niantic made this app called Pokémon Go which has gained some popularity as of late. It’s a pretty standard app as they go, in that it’s terrible but still rakes in literal millions per day, and that its design was predated by some randomers years ago, who can now only watch through tear-stained eyes as the money flows right by them.

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New Pokémon Sun And Moon Trailer Is Finally Here - Excitement Levels Are Blasting Off Again

Several months ago Pokémon Sun and Moon were announced. And then nothing was heard about them again... until now. A minute-and-a-half trailer has arrived on YouTube, finally giving us some sweet sweet details. Most importantly, the release date of 23th of November for Europe. As well as a look at some brand new Pokémon.

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