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Nepenthez Gets Nicked - FIFA Gambling Site Taken to Court

YouTube Gaming channels are rapidly becoming a major part of online entertainment. Whether it be Let’s Players, Review and Analysis, News Channels, or any number of variations, more and more people are making their living either playing or discussing games – and attracting legions of fans while they do so. However, one thing this rapidly-growing medium has so far lacked is a concrete set of laws and legislation behind it, and that might be set to change, thanks to an incident in Essex.

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EA ‘probably’ invested $500m in The Old Republic says analyst. Star Trek Online now Free-to-play

An incredibly ambitious MMORPG based off the most lucrative of science-fiction IPs was never, ever going to come cheap. But few, surely, would have imagined the possibility of Star Wars: The Old Republic costing up to half a billion dollars(!), such is the total investment made by EA, a Cowen & Co. analyst Doug Creutz proposes. 

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Cheater banned from Modern Warfare 3 for 5000 days

So when Infinity Ward talked about the new banning system taking a firmer grasp on the likes of cheating and boosting, we never expected it to be this severe.

By this, we mean what is essentially made clear in the title, one player has been banned for 5000 days (what Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling calls a 'permaban') for the aforementioned cheating and boosting.  To put this in a different context, this is 13.68 years.

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Google Engineer posts apology for "Great-Granddaddy of Reply-All Screwups”

“Last week I accidentally posted an internal rant about service platforms to my public Google+ account (i.e. this one),” Google engineer Steve Yegge writes in his apologetic blog post. “Bagging on the company, even in an internal memo, was uncharacteristically unprofessional of me. So I’ve been feeling pretty guilty for the past week.”

So what was this muck up of sorts? Not too long ago, he posted a 5000 word update on his G+ account (intended for internal employees which ended up going public) which really slams Amazon on it's flaws and Google's inability to understand platforms.

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Infographic of the day: Online Fundraising visualized
It's quite easy to see how much of a daunting task encouraging online participators to give charitably online is at times; but in the times when it's promoted just right, how much do people contribute?  Who donates more out of Windows and Mac Users? Or maybe by choice of browser? Or by medium of communicating your message?  Our infographic of the day, courtesy of
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