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FBI Proposes To Use Social Network Behaviour To 'Predict' Crimes

In becoming ever more tactile in waging war against the criminals of this world, the FBI is asking companies to develop software that will be able to 'scrape' posts, tweets and messages for key 'danger' words and phrases from social network accounts, in addition to monitoring a persons' behaviour through acquiring information from the public domain in order to better track criminal security threats or situations. Succinctly, the Bureau is asking would-be contractors to come up with a software that can “enhance its techniques for collecting and sharing 'open source' actionable intelligence”.

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HP announces Open webOS 1.0

So webOS wasn't doing so well before, and after a prolonged wait was announced to be open sourced.  Following this, HP have now released details on the process leading up to the code being released as the finished product, which will be called Open webOS 1.0.

The company went into great detail about the matters at hand, and told developers to expect open sourcing to be complete by September time.

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'Focus on the User' retools Google Social Search to work with all networks

Engineers from Facebook, Twitter and Myspace have banded together to "Focus on the user:" a project that reworks Google's social search update to include all social networks instead of it's own.

So as Google released Search Plus Your World to coincide with their social networking service, people realised that this wasn't exactly 'social' and it wasn't really 'your world.'  As we made rather clear, for this to be seen as a social search it needs to be open, and that's exactly what this developed bookmarlet does.

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Editorial: The Android design guide is not enough. Close the OS

So the Head of design at Android, Matias Duarte, officially unveiled the Android design guide via a live Q&A session on The Verge: a set of in-depth guidelines for app developers and OEMs alike to keep within sync of the design language of Android 4.0.  Instantly, this is already a much better direction, with an aim of ecosystem defragmentation in mind; but then we began to think of what we thought to be the failings of Android phones we have owned in the past.

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NASA unveils hub for open source projects

Continuing with the initiatives NASA has been making to generate an open plain of communication and discussion surrounding scientific research, they have announced code.NASA: a central portal to "continue, unify, and expand NASA’s open source activities."

After just turning Alpha, some of the features are not present yet; but as is there's still much to be done.  You can access information and resources from other users looking to make it big via the NASA open source route.

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