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Can You Tag Jason? He Lost His Intelligence When Looking At Some Ridiculous Facebook Memes

Let’s not mince words here - I love memes. The intelligence, the wit, the randomness, the dark humour - they provide inappropriate laughter to my otherwise dull day. But the latest trend of “Can you tag *INSERT NAME HERE*? I’m looking for him” is a God awful addition to news feeds across the globe, which needs to disappear.

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The Future Of The Walking Dead Is Bleak And Full Of Shock Value Over Story

The Walking Dead returned for its seventh season premiere – and much like the taste of Marmite, it has divided the planet on whether it was a good episode or not.

Well, you can put me in the “not good” category because not only the televisual equivalent of being slowly dragged through broken glass, it pretty much guarantees that the screenwriters have waved a fond farewell to meaningful stories in favour of shock value.

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No, Sony And Microsoft. Most People Don’t Want A New Playstation Or Xbox Right Now

With the Playstation 4 Pro heading for a November release and Microsoft’s new Xbox, codenamed Project Scorpio, on the horizon for next year, consumers are stuck with a question – do you need or want one?

And the answer in pretty much all circumstances is a resounding “no.”

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Warcraft: The Beginning Review

Warcraft: The Beginning by Legendary Pictures is ever-so-slowly releasing across the world. It made it to our shores on the 30th of May, and has so far managed to inspire some of the most wildly polarizing reviews ever known.  Even aggregate sites are all over the place right now. Some place it as a 2/10, some an 8, and it's hard to find any written review that isn't loaded with hyperbole either way. So let me give it a go.

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