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Astronomers Trace Origin Of Russian Meteor

A team of astronomers have tracked down the origin of a meteor that hit Russia, injuring about 1,000 people earlier this month.

Using the thounsands of videos footage posted online, chronicling the strike, the team plotted the meteor's trajectory through the Earth's atmosphere, reconstructing it's orbit around the Sun and tracing it to a source of origin.  

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Origin PC Over-Clocked To A Whopping 5.7Ghz With Help Of Sub-Zero Cooling System

There's precious little else that gets PC gamers all hot under the collar than discussing hardware specifications. In truth, there's nothing we despise more than gamers trying to out-geek the other - from noisy disputes that his AMD Phenom II 850 4 x 3.3 GHZ tops your Intel Core i7 2600K, or arguments kick-started by a debate over cooling systems – but then perhaps we don't care less.

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