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The Vinyl Deception: Records Are Not As Big As You Think

Vinyl has risen from the dead over the last nine years, under the guise of superior audio quality and the full package of liner notes. This trend has led to the likes of Sony and Panasonic introducing record players recently.

Wired magazine has even gone on to write about how vinyl records won CES 2016 and while this is true, I believe we're giving records a lot more credit than they're due.

The reason: they are never played.

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NHK And Panasonic Unveil 145-Inch Ultra HD TV, Boasting A Generous 34 Million Pixels

There's big screens and then there are big screens. Such as this set, made real through a collaboration between NHK (also known as the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation) and Panasonic; a TV that ups the ante ten-fold in what we can expect from high-definition TV's of the future. Fitted into its 145-inch display frame are a total of nearly 34 million pixels, capable of displaying a resolution of 4,320 x 7,680.

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Panasonic's Jaw-Dropping 152” Full HD 3D TV Will Set You Back £600,000

Weighing in at a whopping 600kg and with a screen the same size as nine 50” screens stacked in three rows, Panasonic's 152” full HD, 3D plasma display is a TV of magnificent proportions. On sale within Harrods' new technology department, which launched March 16 to coincide with the new iPad launch, the monster plasma will set you back a cool £600,000.

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Panasonic announces MySpace TV app...why!?

Image courtesy of Engadget.

Remember that social network that you haven't used for years?  Turns out Panasonic is making an app around social viewing and interconnectivity with the service, called Myspace TV, for it's Viera Smart TV offering.

Justin Timberlake, popstar and Myspace Co-owner joined Panasonic on stage to talk about the service.  He spoke of being able to see what your Myspace friends are watching, and make comments through the device.

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