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'Playfun' Computer Program Teaches Itself To Play NES Games

Tom Murphy has created a computer program that learns how to play classic NES games on its own.  The software, named 'Playfun,' uses pre-recorded snippets of gameplay and its own emulator to determine the best course of action when faced with obstacles, teaching itself along the way.

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'Lumino City' Game Uses Environments Made By Hand Out Of Paper and Cardboard

What's your favourite graphics style? Pixel art? Cel shaded? Photorealistic? How about paper and cardboard? Developed by Sate of Play Games, Lumino City is the sequel to Lume, and is created using papercraft, with the everything except the player characters being animated with actual motors which move the sets around.

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'PaperTab' Flexible Tablet Prototype Aims To Replace Paper

Flexible displays are commonplace when it comes to conceptual technology; but Plastic Logic, Queen's University and Intel Labs have stepped closer to making this a reality with the PaperTab

Using flexible e-paper technology with touch sensitivity, these 10.7-inch plastic displays are strongly interconnected via the desk they are placed on.  Each display shows a different app (naturally), representing a 'digital' stack of papers.

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