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Star Wars Episode VII Parody Adds Disney Magic To The Galaxy Far Far Away

YouTube filmmaker Sam Macaroni has put together a vision of what may be in for Star Wars Episode VII, now that Disney has bought the franchise, titled 'Return of the Empire.'

Opinion on the new owners of Star Wars has been split amongst fans of the film - some are elated at the prospect of another movie, whilst others are terrifed at the thought of what Disney might do to this much-loved epic.

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'Filter My Life.' Instagram Users Summed Up In Hilarious Video

Everything we think about Instagram users has now been voiced by photographer Grant Timothy McGuire in 'FML (Filter My Life),' a short film emphasising a wide consensus of pet hates towards the photo based social media app. He relentlessly digs towards amateur ‘photographers,’ incapable of taking good photos (or even photos that aren’t food or shoes from pretentious rich kids), resorting to masking them with filters. 


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Dark Knight Rises trailer parody. Audio sync with Lion King scenes

So after a fantastic trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, breaking iTunes Movie Trailer records by exceeding 12.5 million views in just 24 hours, Youtube user MovieMaestroTen has made the pitch perfect parody, syncing the audio from the Batman trailer with scenes from Disney's The Lion King.

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Spoof video: How Headlines are created

This may not be a UK targeted video in respects to the news outlets they use; but you're reading New Rising Media, so chances are you have a general grasp on the popular outputs of American journalism. So how do they write their headlines?

This is the question that Jest has answered in a rather hilarious fashion in their parody video, as they look through the headlines surrounding the controversial 'Occupy Wall Street.'

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