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Astronomy Photographer Of The Year 2016 Shortlist - Check Out These Awe-Inspiring Space Images

Space. The final frontier. It's a breathtaking juggernaut of discovery that lies just out of the reach of we normal humans. But the shortlisted entries for this year’s Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year award bring us that little bit closer.

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Artists Create Bound 'Google Dictionary' Made Up Of Google Images

It might lack the academic merit of the English Oxford dictionary and miss out on the super-quick search functions that it's inspiration has flaunted for years, but the Google dictionary is nonetheless a sight to behold. With its 1,240-odd pages, it's a creation that brings the words of your more traditional dictionary to life in a way befitting the name: by replacing the actual entry with the first Google image result from an equivalent search of the word.

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