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10 Dead PlayStation Game Franchises That Sony Should Totally Revive (But Probably Won’t)

Sony’s doing a cracking job bringing old PlayStation franchises back from the dead (see God of War), so here are ten I’d love to see them pull off.

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My Top 7 PlayStation 2 Survival Horror Games - #Blogvengers Rebuttal

Survival horror thrived on the PlayStation 2, thanks to a library of games bursting at the seems with creativity and originality. Picking just seven is going to be tricky, but after seeing 16 Bit Dad’s personal list, it's only fair that I give it a go.

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Vita Continues To Struggle, Sony Admits Lack Of Developer Support

We like the PlayStation Vita, we really do. Just take a gander at our early-look review and you'll understand why; an impressive 5-inch OLED display, strength in performance and, finally, those long-awaited dual analogue sticks. But despite that, the Vita is a £200-odd purchase now haunting our bank balances. Why? The games just aren't there.

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How To Earn PlayStation Vita Trophies On Pre-Owned Games

The game industry’s maraud against the pre-owned games market is gathering momentum at a frankly alarming rate. From online passes to one-time use activation codes for downloadable content, publishers and developers alike have stressed time and time again the danger the pre-owned market poses the industry. Lionhead Studios, developers of Fable, notably implied during the run-up to Fable III’s PC release that pre-owned console software was worse for the industry than piracy on PC.

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All rumours point to Next Xbox and PS4 debut at E3 2012

UK games industry magazine MCV has reported on information from a reliable source, claiming that we will see the announcement of Microsoft and Sony's next-generation consoles at E3 2012.

In what would be a strategically sound move to divert at least some of the attention from the imminent Wii U, all signs thus far have directed to an announcement pretty soon, and some of us expected it to be an E3 effort from Microsoft, seeing as it's still the most significant name in video games expos.

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