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Study: Why is Pokémon Go The Most Widespread Phenomenon Since The Bubonic Plague?

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm, with now over 100 million downloads onto Android devices alone. It’s safe to say the Pokémania of the 90’s is seeing something of a revival, but why is that? Especially when Pokémon Go is, if we’re being honest with ourselves, a buggy, barebones mess? Prof. Dr. Claus-Peter H. Ernst of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences may have the answer.

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New Pokémon Sun And Moon Trailer Is Finally Here - Excitement Levels Are Blasting Off Again

Several months ago Pokémon Sun and Moon were announced. And then nothing was heard about them again... until now. A minute-and-a-half trailer has arrived on YouTube, finally giving us some sweet sweet details. Most importantly, the release date of 23th of November for Europe. As well as a look at some brand new Pokémon.

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