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Searching "Pokémon X Videos" In Google Leads To Porn

A few weeks ago Nintendo announced Pokémon X, and all across the world children are gleefully searching for more info, only to meet with a terrible fate. It has been discovered that typing "Pokémon X Videos" into Google reveals some pretty raunchy material definitely not intended for children, or anyone for that matter.

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Pokémon X And Y Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have announced Pokémon X and Y, the next instalments of the massively popular series, coming to 3DS worldwide in October. These are the first entries to be fully 3D, a dream amongst many-a-trainer.

A 90-second trailer has been released in which our beloved friend Pikachu, standing on top of what looks like the Eiffel tower, seemingly electrocutes the entire planet, presumably to zap some teaser game footage into our heads.

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