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'Pixels For Pistols.' Guns Traded For Cameras In Canadian Anti-Violence Program

Canadian Police have introduced a rather create anti-violence program by the name of 'Pixels for Pistols,' urging the public to trade in firearms for a camera.

Rather akin to the weapon amnesties UK police hold; but with the added bonus of teaching them to shoot perfectly composed images instead of people.  A simple yet, so far, effective concept where the public have been asked to trade in their unused firearms, safely and without being charged, for a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH8 and a lesson on how to use it. 


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'Bounce Imaging' Ball-Shaped Camera To Help Emergency Services

As first responders face the common risk of entering areas without knowledge of the hazards they could be facing inside, US start-up Bounce Imaging have created something rather innovative to help with this situation: a ball with six cameras placed inside, instantly sending a 360-degree picture to a smartphone.

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Twitter Aids In Saving A Carjacking Victim

A man was saved from a carjacking in Johannesburg by his mobile phone and a tweet.

On Saturday evening, as he was driving through Honeydew in north-west Johannesburg, two armed men forced him into the boot of his car at gunpoint.  At this point he sent a text to his girlfriend, who promptly took to Twitter to spread the word beyond contacting authorities, detailing the car and the time of hijack.

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