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Weekend Reading: Gadget Show Live Christmas, Real-Life Transformers And Portal On A Calculator

Let's be honest, it's a Sunday and everyone is feeling one of two conditions: hungover or extremely lazy.  Since I'm feeling both of these, I shall be brief.  The last thing you want to do is go on a content discovery mission through our vast back catalogue of original news, reviews, interviews and features.  So, with this in mind, welcome to 'Weekend Reading.'

This is a selection of pieces on New Rising Media from the week gone by, compiled by the Editor-in-chief (the hungover man, me), which you may have missed, or fancy reading again.

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Portal Ported To Graphing Calculators

Reddit user Builderboy2005 has created his own version Portal for use on Texas Instruments graphing calculators (the TI-83 and TI-84 specifically).  While we have seen past works of porting video games to calculators, it's especially amazing to see the space-warping mechanics of Valve's hit game working on these devices.


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Hackaday Builds Portal Gun That Actually Levitates A Companion Cube

Okay, so this isn't quite an accurate replica of Valve's esteemed gravity gun, or a meaningful bid towards reaching a real-life equivalent to it, but even so it serves well as a hardware love letter of sorts to the company – an amalgamation of inventions from Portal and the seminal Half-Life, all in one pretty neat package.

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Engineer Builds A Real-Life Portal Turret

If ever there was a perfect defensive weapon, it would be a turret with a voice so soothing and design so minimalistically innocent, you feel guilty about murderously destroying it.  We have Portal to thank for that; but we are now one step closer to this being a reality, as a budding engineer has built a real-life version of this stationary weapon.

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