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Infographic: How Much Power Does The Internet Consume?

It's something that we now take for granted in our daily lives, but how often do we spare a thought for the energy poured into data centers minute-by-minute to keep our World Wide Web alive and kicking? With some 2.4 billion users generating the equivalent of around seven million DVD's worth of content every single hour – and the amount of data estimated to quadruple by 2016 - it's a question that nevertheless ought to be pondered. So exactly how power-hungry is the Internet? Allow Wireless Satellite Internet to demonstrate...

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The Pursuit To Make The Body A Power Source Moves To The Ear

While medical implants have been getting smaller and more efficient over the year, the batteries used to power them have not. Making them too small, however, severely reduces the expectant battery life and thus ups the likelihood of surgery to replace them. We can’t just cut out and eject power packs Terminator-style, so researchers have been looking at ways the human body could power the devices, and one such way is with our ears.

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