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Facebook 'Likes' Can Reveal Your Personality In Great Detail

Researchers at Cambridge University have discovered that users' Facebook 'Likes' can accurately predict private personality traits, including sexual orientation, religious beliefs and intelligence.

Published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the team used a set of algorithms on 58,000 volunteers to predict religion, politics, race and sexual orientation.  The eerily accurate personality profiles made should "ring alarm bells" for users, privacy campaigners said.

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'We Know What You're Doing.' Revealing Facebook Statuses Publicly Collected And Exposed

Privacy concerns have always been rather synonymous with the social era of the internet, and the rather appropriately named is probably not going to help the situation.  Revealing Facebook statuses from random people are collected and publicly displayed for the world to see.

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Xbox Live’s Sex Pests ‘Move In On Prey Within Two Minutes’, Reports Metro

How’s this for a sensationalist, videogame-bashing headline: ‘Xbox paedophile predators 'move in on prey within two minutes of contact’'? If there was ever a reason to cry fowl of the mainstream presses misunderstanding and vindication of gaming, it’s right here. London’s daily free-sheet Metro today brings alarmist reporting and misplaced fear-mongering to an all-new high, reporting ‘alarming findings’ that makes the paedophile population of Xbox Live sound like a feral pack of ferocious lions stalking their evening meal across the dusty plains of online lobbies, leaderboards and friends lists. An image used of the first-generation Xbox is the icing on the cake.

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Microsoft Slams Google Privacy Policy In Newspaper Ad

Microsoft is scheduled to run a series of newspaper adverts throughout this week, which exploit Google's recent privacy concerns surrounding it's universal policy update.  It's set to run in papers such as Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and criticises the business for their purposes of using your data for advertisers' target market data, while promoting Microsoft's alternatives to the affected products.

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New Mobile Device Privacy Act To Expose And Regulate Tracking Software

In light of all the Carrier IQ controversies that have accrued since the software capabilities were exposed to the world, Congress has introduced a draft bill titled "The Mobile Device Privacy Act," which looks to disclose all details about tracking software like the aformentioned, and what information it will be taking.

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Brief Facebook exploit saw Zuckerberg private photos posted online

If there's one photo out of a whole load you wouldn't want to appear in the public gaze, as the CEO of Facebook, it's probably you triumphantly brandishing a chicken.  This was, unfortunately, the case for Mark as a short-lived Facebook bug meant users could see recently uploaded photos regardless of your settings surrounding privacy.


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The Round-up: Half-life 3, exploding iPhone 4 and condoms

So this week's been pretty mighty in terms of the sheer amount of news we've had to write about, so allow us to condense it all into a handy set of links which will help navigate around the week's digest.  There was McGruff the Crime Dog, Carrier IQ (mobile phone tracking), a little printer, an iPhone 4 mysteriously blowing up, Facebook receiving all kinds of privacy-related hell, and a urinal gaming system...honestly.  Let's begin.

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Condom ad disguised as Facebook friend request from your future child

So one random friend request later, I can warn you about an Olla Condom promo campaign that sends users friend requests from their yet-to-be-born sons.  Not only is it just downright creepy; but it's also a violation of Facebook policy.

Take a look at the promo video below, which does a much better job explaining the "Unexpected Babies" campaign launched by Brazillian Agency Age Isobar.

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UK mobile networks insist they don't use Carrier IQ

So masses of concern have amassed since the recent discovery about what Carrier IQ's smartphone diagnostic software actually records, and the fact it's on more than 141m handsets worldwide.  UK mobile networks have been forceful in completely denying use of the software on their devices.

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Facebook privacy concerns voiced by FTC. Mark Zuckerberg responds.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has posted a blog in response to the recent agreement that has been settled with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over privacy concerns.

The social network agreed to settle charges made by the FTC claiming they "deceived consumers by telling them they could keep their information on Facebook private, and then repeatedly allowing it to be shared and made public."  In light of this, a formalizing of its privacy strategy is in hand, along with a complete review and improvements to the service as per what has been agreed.  

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