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Pinch, bend and tie cables to control your electronics with 'Cord UI'

The cables in your life may just be for transferring power and data right now. But The Tangible Media Group at MIT's Media Lab are looking to change that with 'Cord UI,' allowing you to control all of your devices by tangling, twisting, pinching and pulling their attached wires.

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#NRMPresents 'MotorGun.' Car Combat From A "Dream Team" Of Developers

What would you get if the creative minds behind the likes of Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, Twisted Metal, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Interstate '76 made a game? Newly formed Pixelbionic has the answer: presenting MotorGun, the studio's inaugural car combat title.

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'Responsive Typography.' Web Design Experiment Uses Face Detection To Adjust Font Size

Responsive web design is one thing; but a font that changes size according to your distance away from the screen?  An experiment by web designer Marko Dugonjić takes the concept of responsive typography to a new level, using face detection to adjust font size by your proximity to the display.

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'Box' Photography Project. Dark, Twisted Dioramas On Miniature Cardboard Sets

Never before has the murder of Santa Claus looked so visually beautiful, as Belgian collective 354 Photographers demonstrate in their ongoing project Box

This 3-year-old photography project utilises cardboard and miniature furniture to construct these dramatically bizarre dioramas.  The attraction is unfounded, and you cannot really explain why you're drawn in; but they're fantastic.

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The World’s Most Powerful Lasers Set To Tear Apart The Vacuum Of Space-Time Itself

Hoping to conjure enough energy that it ought to be able to pull “virtual” particles out of the vacuum of space-time – quantum mechanics implies that space-time can never truly be ‘empty’ – the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project is an undeniably tantalising (yet mind-numbingly complex) prospect.

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68 Billion Blocks Later, WoW's Azeroth Comes To Minecraft

We’ve seen our fair share of ambitious Minecraft builds these past couple of years, but even so they never get any less impressive. From faithful recreations of Hyrule, an extravagant imagining of the USS Enterprise in block form, even entire cities built from the ground-up. But still, not a single one can come close to the ‘Crafting Azeroth’ project, an attempt to build a “full-scale reproduction” of World Of Warcraft’s Azeroth.

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Microsoft builds a new 3D holographic system you can touch

Microsoft Research has unveiled the work they have been doing into a 3D hologram system that allows you to interact with the projections floating in midair, with surprising precision.

The system, code-named Project Vermeer, is able to project a 3D image at 15 frames per second, emulating 192 different viewpoints at a time, and presents a counter-point to what technological implementations there are currently.

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