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#NRMPresents 'Battle Worlds: Kronos.' Kickstarter Campaign Launched For Unfinished Fan Favourite

Six years ago, KING Art Studios made a prototype of turn-based strategy game Battle Worlds: Kronos, which underwent community testing and gained popularity with the European strategy community.  However, no publisher came forward to back the project, and as the developers moved onto new games, this highly regarded title was to remain unfinished.

As you could probably tell with this substantial amount of build-up, that is until now. 


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Petroglyph Aims For Kickstarter 'Victory' With Online RTS Set In World War II

Petroglyph, a studio founded by the industry veterans behind 'Command & Conquer,' have launched their latest game on Kickstarter called 'Victory.'  This World War II action strategy game has the goal of delivering a fresh, new experience in online strategy gaming with community support.

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'HoneyMap' Shows Where People Are Being Hacked In Real-Time

Many stories are heard across the globe of people having their sensitive online data compromised; but this vast number of hacks you see and read about, it's been difficult to realise the vast size and scale of how many malware infections there are.  This is where 'The HoneyMap' comes in, showing the location of both the victim and culprit in said cyber attacks, all in real time.

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