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This Power Rangers reboot is as dark and brutal as it should be

Remember the Mighty Morphin' Power RangersOf course you do, chances are it was one of your favourite Saturday morning shows back in the day. The "teenagers with attitude" have grown up, as they fight a bloody intergalactic war in a dark over-the-top action short known as Power/Rangers.

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New Myspace Review

Myspace has suffered in its position as the 'punch line' to any Social Media humour.  Destroyed by News Corporation, then rendered further into obsolescence by a minor reboot and a subpar software integration into TVs.  That is until a certain popstar/star in a movie about Facebook took interest, both financially and mentally.  The result is what you see, a complete overhaul.

Has this proverbial phoenix risen from the ashes, or have we fallen for good looks with no form and function?

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